Services Offered

Employ Bhutan Overseas strives to become Bhutan’s leading foreign recruitment agency in Bhutan with quality and trustworthy services. We will endeavor at all times, to seek highest remuneration, benefits and safe working / living conditions for our workers.  We will look into issues that our candidates are not subjected to exploitation at any levels. We will encourage skill and career development of highest degree meeting international standards. Our services will be timely, qualitative, trustworthy and reliable. We are determined to build our network of companies through aggressive marketing and most importantly amalgamating best candidate with finest employment. We guarantee that we will collaborate with ALSAFWA with peace and harmony.  

We plan in having an office that is clientele friendly, staff that possesses positive attitude and caliber to perform. Our representative and partner in UAE will be people of experience, responsibility and looking out genuinely towards the well being of BWO at all times. 

We feel that our company can positively impact the employment scenario in Bhutan. Youth unemployment is increasing and our working plan will ensue in getting many young people employed and working toward building themselves individually. We also hope that the overall health of the country’s economy will increase with foreign remittances and employment rates down.