Eligibility & Requirements

The basic computer background and good command over English is a must requirement for prospective candidates. The approach is always better when our candidates are experienced in the particular job offered. The working area such as departmental stores (sales person) requires minimum experience with good communication skillsor no experience is also accepted, in that case the company will train them. All employees will undergo a three month to six month probation period depending on the company. During this time, the company will be interested in learning more about one’s work capabilities, personality and diligence. Once the probation is completed, regular duties will be assigned that needs to be completed individually

When it comes to hospitality sector, job experience is a must; the recruits should be trained in the hospitality sector in his or her country. For those candidate who have worked in hotels but are currently unemployed, are assisted  to undergo minimum of  two weeks or maximum of one month training before they are recruited, this service will be provided by the individual expertise funded by employ Bhutan overseas for revitalizing the recruits.

For candidates who are interested to pursue careers in a particular field can gain experience by undergoing a short term internship in the field. This will open them to professional work and will also add up to their resume. EmployBhutan Overseas will, at all times, support the candidate in procuring an internship. We will also approach Ministry of Labour and Human Resources to support the candidates in acquiring fruitful internships and experience. During internships, Employ Bhutan Overseas candidates will not be liable to stipends during their professional development.