Recruitment Methodology

We invite all interested parties to drop their Curriculum Vitae at the Employ Bhutan Overseas office. The CVs will be segregated as per the choice of occupation, academics, skills and experience. A set of documents comprising of: 

  1. Academic Transcripts 
  2. Medical Certificate 
  3. Security Clearance 
  4. Copy of Passport
  5. Passport size photo (2).

Employ Bhutan Overseas will operate on demand basis.  Meaning, partner companies will put forward their employee demand and we will process the candidates. Upon receiving the demand, we will advertise through the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources website and the CVs we have filed. We will nominate the most capable candidates for further dialogue from the accumulated CVs for the opening. If need be we will conduct pre – interview sessions to ensure that we are nominating deserving candidates. 

Once, a candidate is chosen, his/her documents will be sent over to the company’s human resources for further course of action. The candidates will have to sit for a telephonic or Skype interview with representatives from the concerned agency. All interviews will be conducted in English. The interview will provide the candidate an opportunity to not only assert him/herself as a capable employee but also learn more about the job and the company. They can ask questions on salary, accommodation, living standards and other queries. Once, the company approves the candidate’s employment, the second leg of the recruitment begins. The company will forward an offer letter in the beneficiary name of the candidate from the company. The offer letter contains details of contract, joining date, salary, accommodation, insurance and job description. On reading the offer letter, the candidate can choose to accept or decline the offer. Once signed, the offer letter is emailed back to the company to process the visa. If the candidate declines the offer, a new candidate will be chosen. The visa is processed by the company and takes three to five working days for approval. Once, the visa arrives, travel logistics are arranged.  Before the employee departs he/she will be called in for a debrief and completion of necessary logistical formalities. A company’s representative will be at the airport to receive the candidate. Upon arrival, our company’s focal person will contact the employees inquiring about them. The families will be informed about the candidate’s safe arrival at UAE.