Why Choose Us?

Employ Bhutan Overseas is being initiated to strengthen employment opportunities in United Arab Emirates for hopeful Bhutanese job seekers. In this regard, Employ Bhutan Overseas aspires to become a leading foreign recruitment agency providing ace services. The mission of Employ Bhutan Overseas is to open avenues for foreign recruitment for Bhutanese in multinational companies based only in UAE.  Our mission is not only to provide employment but also ensure safe working and living conditions, employee satisfaction and necessary support during the temporary migration. 

We will be collaborating with multinational companies in UAE to open avenues for employment in hospitality sector, secretarial positions and sales services. Employ Bhutan Overseas will be dealing only with reputed multinational companies operating in UAE. This is because of the fact that we have Mr. Lhamola Drukpa, currently employed at a government organization, having served the Royal family of UAE for more than 18 years, who will be able to provide first hand support and monitoring of nationals workers.  This enables us to continue our support system once the Bhutanese Overseas Workers’ (BOW) has arrived at his/her destination. This ensures that BOW will have a Bhutanese focal person that will guide and render necessary help during initial period of recruitment. Mr. Lhamola will be Employ Bhutan Overseas official representative in UAE. Having lived in UAE for more than two decades allows him to be an excellent judge of companies and their market performances. He will ensure that we will deal with honorable multinationals that have their employees at its heart. Back home, we have a strong network of young and dedicated staff that will be catering to all necessary documentation. 

 Our focus is limited to UAE is due to fact we have already established strong relationship with good associates from reputable organizations that offer recruitment on a timely basis.  We ensure that the recruiting companies are of reputation and reliable in terms of employee safety and market credibility.  Employ Bhutan Overseas would be the agency to come to if one desires to work at top notch organizations at UAE. Our contacts and relationship ensures that we deal with only honest and respected companies of the region. Also, any problem arising during the recruitment and employment period of the worker will be handled explicitly by us, insuring maximum employees’ safety. Employees’ safety, accommodation and wellbeing will be looked into at all times. They will have a company representative to approach at times of trouble and need.  Hence, this ensures that Employ Bhutan Overseas will provide concrete services to the employees that are of utmost importance and necessary required for safe migration.

 Focusing in one country has many benefits; our marketing strategies will be more defined and country specific.  Our partners and companies in UAE choosing to work with us will receive timely services and best candidates that are noteworthy. Potential Bhutanese employees will be benefitted by services and support that are of utmost necessity.  

Unofficial records show that many Bhutanese trying to enter UAE seeking employment with Indian agents. Many a times, such agents make counterfeit promises of employment and working conditions. On arrival many counter dispensable predicaments regarding salary, squalor living conditions and sometimes the actual job itself, which could have been avoided if they had contacted a genuine agency. It is difficult to regulate such illegal practices and even more difficult to make right the wrong. 

Hence, a trusted Bhutanese recruitment agency focusing solely on UAE will be much appreciated and desired.  Employ Bhutan Overseas will be operating along the guidelines and regulations put forward by the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources through the Regulation on Employment of Bhutanese Overseas. We fully understand the clauses and promise to abide by the regulation at all working epochs. 

We will be working closely with the Bhutanese Embassy based in Kuwait. We will keep them updated on the number of Bhutanese working in UAE and companies affiliated to. This will help us keep track of our candidates and guarantee their safety and health.