Employ Bhutan Overseas

Employ Bhutan Overseas proposes to tap the enormous employment opportunities that exist in Bhutan through young, motivated and educated youth. Bhutanese have always showcased the mettle to adapt in different environment and cultures with much ease. We are capable of adjusting and upholding respect to foreign cultures, languages, climate, food, etc. Thus, making us idle candidates for working in different countries. Many development countries constantly require more labour force that goes unfulfilled. These labour requirements can be met by young Bhutanese graduates if they are channeled through a recruitment agency. There are many positive benefits from this merger: employment, experience, exposure and a career. However, this must be provided with meticulous regulations and procedures ensuring employee safety. 


Mothithang next to BOD near Disaster management office.
P.O Box: 990
Tel: +975-02-334475 
Thimphu, Bhutan.
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